Remedy Ranch Rescue


Remedy Ranch Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, committed to offering help, hope and assistance to the many equine and occasional other animals and 
human lives, that for various reasons and situations, find their way to us in need of help and assistance. We provide this help and assistance in many ways by Rescuing, Rehabilitating and hopefully, Re-homing, horses and other animals that have been neglected, suffered abuse, became abandoned or surrendered by their owners. No matter the (“How’s or Why’s) behind the animals’ situations that bring them into RRR’s care, we stay steadfast and committed to being able to offer our help and any resources or assistance we can, to meet the multitude of needs for these precious souls. The Goals for all of us involved with the ongoing operations at RRR, is offering health, healing, trust and ultimately, forever, loving homes, through our adoptions and foster care.  We WILL always take our stewardship of this Rescue Operation seriously by firmly employing honesty, humility and faithful intentions and staying transparent in all situations no matter the outcome.