Cleft Palate Puppies

The No Titty Babies Gang was a mission that we whole heartily got on board with. Jennalea Hill our deputy and second in command has been saving cleft palate puppies for years. She has done an amazing job with countless nights of little sleep, baby poop and tears of joy and loss. She has given so many the chance at life when normally puppies with cleft palates are humanely euthanized. The puppies are generally breeds that have shortened airways or  brachycephalic breeds. Examples of breeds that we often get in are French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, American Bulldogs, but these are not the only dogs to be born with cleft palates. 

What makes these puppies so fragile- 
These puppies have to be tube fed on a strict schedule as the puppies can not create suction due to the holes that are in their upper palate. These puppies often have other issues that are hard to detect and often lead to more issues. 

What items we need for these babies- 

  • Goat Milk 
  • Puppy formula
  • Puppy pads

We are currently fundraising for an incubator- which can be found at

These puppies have a long recovery and sadly we do lose a few due to underlying issues. Please consider assisting thru paypal.